New single ‘Fly Lady Fly’ sung by Ruairidh McDonald celebrates the record breaking osprey ‘Lady’

Ruairidh McDonald debut track ‘Fly Lady Fly’ is available to download now from iTunes and Amazon or watch now on Youtube!

‘Fly Lady Fly’ is a catchy, vibrant and upbeat mix of pure pop, tribal Celtic and African chant. Written and produced by Fiona Kennedy with Nils Elders who were inspired by ‘Lady’ the record-breaking osprey at the Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve in Perthshire.

‘Lady’, is believed at the age of 27, to be the oldest breeding osprey in the UK and every winter makes migration to West Africa and back, an incredible journey of 6000 miles

A donation from the single will be made to the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Rutland Water Nature Reserve; both charities run fantastic Osprey projects.

Fiona said: “I think it’s brilliant that this great old bird ‘Lady’ has defied all the odds and is still going strong. She definitely deserves her own bird song! It’s an amazing story – she came home to Scotland this March, found a new toy boy called Laddie and is still producing chicks! We want to celebrate this and all ospreys, as well as our great natural landscape, so vital for their wellbeing. It’s also important to salute all the volunteers who help to provide the safe habitat for birds and animals. Ruairidh is a cracking young singer and audiences just take to him and the song is a lovely way to tell a true story about a very special osprey”.

Ruairidh McDonald added: “I really enjoy singing ‘Fly Lady Fly’ especially when I’ve been to visit Lady and her chick and have seen them from the secret hide. Now I’m hooked on the webcam! We had brilliant fun making the video of the song in the Cairngorms at the top of a mountain in a howling gale, which was quite challenging. Check it out and see for yourself! We also went on the road with ‘The Wee Osprey Tour’ singing the song live to audiences. People got up, danced, clapped and sang along, which was really great.