The Maple Tree



Praise for the EP:
“Gorgeous crystalline dappled sunlight in a song! Fiona never ceases to bring joy and calm from the center of her voice. Listen three times a day to bring down the stress level and recalibrate your soul!” – Beth Nielsen Chapman
“Her voice sounds GREAT and the lyrics are so tight and perfect. Universal and true and evokes such empathy. It’s fantastic!”- Lydia Hutchinson, Creator of Performing Songwriter Creative Workshops Nashville
The Maple Tree (I’ll Remember You) Single and EP with 4 tracks produced by award winning Calum MacColl (son of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger). Calum also plays guitar on the tracks alongside Nils Elders.

Fiona wrote this song in happy celebration of a dear family friend, Uncle Brian Ross who was a wonderful and ebullient character. We all hopefully have a similar person in our lives who remain in our hearts and who have left their special footprint, make us smile and remember many good times. Fair to say that when I’ve sung this ‘live’, people have bubbled all the way through the song!

A fresh twist on an old Burns favourite with guitar and backing vocals by Aberdeen based, Dutch musician, Nils Elders with whom Fiona performs regularly. It tells of a woman having yet another sleepless night, longing for her true lover - it’s a gorgeous tune with lovely harmonies sung by Nils Elders.

This stunning song about whaling was written by a miller from Strichen in Aberdeenshire in the mid 1800s. It was recorded with hugely successful versions by Judy Collins and Ewan MacColl in the 60s. Fiona said: I wanted to record this haunting song, not only because it’s from the north east of Scotland where I live and feel part of the fabric of the land here, but also takes us back to a time which reflects on the hardship faced by many men who had to leave home to work on whaling ships to earn a living. It’s also a beautiful story of hope, telling of the whalers love remaining strong while on his journey and he returns home safely. So a happy ending!

One of my personal favourites - it’s a perfect song by the master story teller, National Bard, poet and observer, summarising life!