Fiona on how Scotland is riddled with romance on Valentine’s Day

Given that Scottish men often get bad press for not being that romantic, one heck of a lot of smoochy cards are shifted off the shelves in Scotland in the run up to St. Valentine’s Day, this worldwide day of ‘lurve’!

Red roses disappear like “sna’ aff a dyke” – and at premium prices. Chocolates, champagne, candlelit dinners are all ‘de rigeur’.

In our household I think it’s fair to say that my loved one has never been big on the romantic overture or gesture and on the 14th February prefers to buy me “a plant that will last!”

Comments like “Valentine’s Day is so commercial and I don’t want to be told when to buy you a card, flowers or indeed a plant.”

Followed up with “and have you any idea of the cost of roses just now, they’re three times the price!”

Ah, romance is alive and well in Aberdeenshire!

So I didn’t really think it would be a big deal if I was away this Valentines Day ( well for a week actually) with some girlfriends for some sunshine.

Well, could I have been more wrong!…

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