Fiona’s Kitchen Concert, Monday 8th June 2020!

Kitchen Concert number 4!

If you missed it, here’s the link to the Facebook page where you’ll be able to watch the concert along with the other ones from previous dates!

Songs performed in this concert:

  1. Bhearr Mar A  Bha Mi (Available on ‘Highland Heartbeat Songkist’ on Bandcamp)
  2. Always On My Mind (Available on ‘Time to Fly’ on Bandcamp)
  3. Mhairi’s Wedding (Available on ‘Highland Heartbeat Songkist’ on Bandcamp)
  4. Ay Waukin O (Available on ‘The Maple Tree (I’ll Remember You)’ on Bandcamp)
  5. The Crossing Over (Available on ‘Time to Fly’ on Bandcamp)
  6. Down the Line (Available on ‘Time to Fly’ on Bandcamp)
  7. Gaelic Mouth Music (Available on ‘Coming Home’ on Bandcamp)


Buy Fiona Kennedy’s latest EP, ‘The Maple Tree (I’ll Remember You)’ on Bandcamp!