Home thoughts from abroad – Sept ’15

Nashville 24th Sept’15

The light is gorgeous. Streaks of amber and red snake through the pale azure sky while the dinky American Eagle plane circles around and around waiting for clearance to land.
As we approach Nashville Tennessee, I look out of the window drinking it all in – the lush greenery, perfectly maintained farms, meandering rivers melting into city lights. It’s at least 15 hours since I left Scotland and I quietly make comparisons with home.

I feel I know all the approaches to Aberdeen airport!
Sometimes we fly over Dunotter Castle and come in from the North Sea over ‘The Granite City’. I know all the streets and buildings there, but Nashville, well I don’t have a clue!
Then we touch down. Another adventure!

I’m here for a few days to see friends and to work with Beth Neilsen Chapman on a couple of songs for my new album which we have written together. Beth has had 7 number 1 hit singles including ‘This Kiss’ recorded by Faith Hill. So what can I say, working with Beth is something else! And what’s more she makes the biggest trifle on the planet which we ate through last night! ( photo)

All very exciting! Will keep you posted!