Stories aren’t just for bedtime!

In the lockdown… Fiona has created a Youtube Channel, ‘Stories are not just for bedtime’.

As a very proud grandmother of 3, Fiona started reading stories during the lockdown by videoing family favourites and emailing them to her grandchildren. They were very enthusiastic and actually started to speak back to her when they were watching them, thinking she could hear them!

Her daughter Sophie suggested that she share the stories by creating a YouTube channel. Sophie drew the image and encouraged her mum, Fiona to read some her favourite stories from childhood eg ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, ‘Where do the wicked witches live?’  to ‘Tales of Beatrix Potter’ and poems and stories by Roald Dahl.

In my early career I presented many children’s programmes on television including ‘Gather Round’ for Channel 4, ‘Sunday Special’ Grampian Television’ and ‘Record Breakers’ for BBC. I love telling stories and making up stories involving children and some kind of an adventure be it with bears, witches,dogs and wizards. 

This lockdown has unleashed all my memories of reading to my own kids when they were little and how really very little has changed when it comes to capturing a child’s imagination. Also it’s great to find funny and ridiculous stories which make us laugh, especially at the moment.”

“I have had some great reviews. Firstly from  my grandchildren Genevieve Vivienne and Stirling, who are completely biased! “
And pretty good reviews from a young focus group age 3,5 and 9. Olivia (3) thought it was “_ood” (she can’t yet pronounce her Gs), Eleanor (6) said it was quite good AND would watch others, and Charlotte (9) stayed in the room for the entire time it was on the telly! Their father John loved The Wonky Donkey and would happily watch this again without his children – he did not reveal his age but is clearly young at heart!


Check out Fiona’s Youtube channel here !