When the world sings from the same hymn sheet we will be Stronger for the Storm

It all started with a chance conversation, as most things do.

‘’Fiona, would you like to be involved in collaborating in a song for peace?

“Sounds very interesting, if a tall order, but tell me more!” I said.

Neil McLennan, head of leadership at the University of Aberdeen, then told me about his founding of an initiative called iplay4peace with the aim of bringing musicians from around the world together to simultaneously play the same piece on Remembrance Sunday as a new way to further reflect on the importance of peace.

The aim for ising4 peace in 2020 was to build on iPlay4Peace but instead of limiting this to instruments we would ask people from all over the world to join us as a global choir – and use our voices to sing, harmonise, hum or sign.

“Count me in!”, I said.

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